Thursday 16 July 2020
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What’s In Your Cab?

If you’ve never seen the inside of an HGV cab, you’re not likely to understand how valuable space is. The interior is the living space for the men and women who are travelling to and fro delivering goods. Let’s go on a virtual tour of the interior of an HGV Cab and see what is in there, and why it’s there with an LGV training licence.

The Sleeping Compartment

By and far this is the largest thing in the cab of the lorry. Since HGV drivers frequently travel long distances, it can be cost prohibitive to stop and use a hotel or motel, for this reason, they must have a place to sleep. Most HGVs are equipped with a sleeping area for the drivers. That’s why many of the cabs look longer or taller as they are designed to accommodate an adult standing and sleeping. The cabs aren’t’ luxurious, rather they are very utilitarian. They frequently contain a bed, a storage cubby and perhaps a small refrigerator, however, they’re far from fancy, just functional.

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Driving Tools

Don’t forget that the function of the HGV cab is to provide the driver with a place to live. As in everything else, the tools of the driver are often larger than car counterparts. The steering column and the wheel are wider and they are longer. Thus the space from the seats is larger to allow for this added space. The seats must be able to accommodate 3 persons and the dash is covered in extra instruments. This allows for a tachograph that monitors the driving and the communications with the company as well as with the sat navigational system for helping to guide the driver. There are also more controls so that the dashboard is taller and keeps everything in easy reach so that the driver can reach it from his or her seat.


As well as the basics and the cargo, there are other items that must be taken on such journeys. They have delivery notes that must be signed, provisions such as food and water as well as supplies for every weather adventure. This includes blankets, extra clothing, sunglasses, jackets, snow shovels and more. Don’t forget entertainment as well as other essentials. All of this will take up a lot of space. It’s not just storing things in a hollow bench. Each and every inch will be utilised.
Everyone’s heard the term “living in the car”. That is essentially what the driver is doing. However, their car is also a truck that delivers goods. They work long distances from home and this is their home away from home. They have all that they need for a 3 to the 5-day journey.

Many drivers also include cookware and a cooking source so that they have plenty to eat while they are out on a journey. For this reason, many of the HGVs appear to be a small, house on the road. It’s like working from home, only the home is on the road and has a task of delivering goods to and fro the region. Many drivers have specific routes that they take. They plan ahead to stock up on certain portions of the routes and they work toward just keeping enough supplies to get to each point and then restock. A home away from home is a very good way to have what you need at your fingertips.

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