Thursday 16 July 2020
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Video Marketing – Taking Advantage Of The Allure Videos Have On Consumers

Video marketing has become very popular over the recent years especially given the fact that online users are more inclined to respond to a video message than a written one by Indigo IT. Video marketing might be a growing trend in some companies, but there still are several businesses that are yet to take advantage of videos in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

It is a high time that companies become aware of the potential in videos and know how to leverage the appeal these audiovisual elements have to reach out to their target markets and increase their customer base. Videos appeal to an array of consumers based on the following factors:

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Visual allure

Humans are visual beings; they respond to what they see more than any other thing (touch and sound). The other senses often respond due to what we see, then our emotions follow suit. People can easily recollect something they saw then something they read or heard. As such, it is easier for people to relate with videos more than any other means or form of communication. Therefore, it is possible for a business to leverage the emotional connection people develop when watching videos to build their customers’ trust in the business and what it offers.


Time waits for no man, and today’s man is always in a rush to beat time. As such, many people are seeking the quickest ways that are easy and offer fast results; thus, it is common to find people multi-tasking because they are pressed for time. With videos, people can be able to handle one thing and manage to watch something.

Compared to reading, watching a video is a less time-consuming way of getting informed. A message that can take ten minutes to reach and take have that time to be relayed is passed via a video. The trick with videos is to make it a short and informational as possible, avoiding too much unnecessary information. People tend to have short attention spans thus lacking the capacity to focus too long on a particular thing for an extended period. Therefore, the videos should be able to pass the desired message as quickly as possible, and the message should be easy to understand.

Advancements in technology

The average consumer is now a round-the-clock prolific online user out to make the most of the internet. Thanks to advancements in technology, people can view videos while “on the go” on their portable devices such as phones and tablets. They prefer the videos over the pages of texts that are too small to read and need too much effort when scrolling up and down on their portable devices.

Today’s generation is found of social media. They are sharing various things about their life and escaped on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social network platforms. Videos are the preferable forms of communication that will pass a significant message in a short and convent way. The videos go viral, and this translates to millions of viewers, which is often the goal of most video posts. As such a good video can be used to reach a target audience.

Videos offer a highly lucrative option of advertising businesses. Companies can use videos in their marketing campaigns to reach out to their customers, connect and engage with them creating a lasting interest and trust in their brand.

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