Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Using the same trading strategy tends to generate different results

You must have known that most traders place their trades with the make strategy. It is hard to develop a different strategy for different trends and that is why they like to use the same strategy every time. They may have used the same strategy but the result is not the same. At one time, they get a successful result and they make a profit. They also make a loss with the same strategy. This article will try to explain why the same strategy give two different results to the traders when they are used in the industries. It is not only how you have placed your trades but also how you have managed to analyze the trend and the volatility. This article will try to explain the reason for this difference in results with the same strategy.

The mindset of the currency traders

The professional Aussie traders are very different. They never think trading as a shortcut way to get rich. In fact, they love this profession and follow their trading system very strictly. Some of you might even buy an expensive trading system from the successful traders but can you still make money from this market? A complex trading system might have some specified rules but the outcome of any trade greatly depends on the trader’s mentality. You might be struggling with a very popular trading system but another person might make tons of money just by using the same strategy. For this very reason, it’s better not to buy other people system by spending tons of money.

Developing the right mindset as a currency trader is very hard. People often forget the very basic nature of the human being. To change your life, you must reprogram your mind to embrace the losing orders. Start executing quality trades in your Forex trading account Australia. Ignore the low-quality trade setups and stop being aggressive in real trade execution. Try to keep yourself calm while taking the major decision in the Forex market. Always remember, no one can assure a certain trade setup will work. So, trade with managed risk to save your investment.

Benefits of trend trading strategy

You do not win trades when they are against the market. When you have planned a strategy which goes with the trend, you usually make money. This is the result that you have when you plan a good strategy and it also goes with the trend. You may think that you have planned all the strategy with the trend but you have not. The trends changes, there is information released, the volatility can change, many things can happen to the trends. It is not possible to guess all of them. The professional also loses their trades because they also cannot plan every strategy with the trends.

Consequences of counter trend trading

The trends and volatilities are always changing and you cannot win the profit every time. With the same strategy that you have used in the last time, you cannot make money this time also. If the trends changes, your strategy will not work. This is an explanation of why the same strategy that was successful does not work every time for the traders. If you look at the professionals, you will also find they lose money. They do not have any advantage because of their professional trading career. They also use the same strategy and they lose money. The conditions and the trends of the industry are not the same every time. When the trends are in favor of you and you have a good plan, the trends work for you and you make money. It does not happen all the time and you do not get to make money with the same strategy. Develop and plan your strategy every time you place your trades.

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