Thursday 16 July 2020
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The Best Events Are The Personalized Events

Getting the correct people through the door, people who will make the right moves in order to fulfil the objectives of the event, are largely what determines the success or failure of conferences as well as corporate events. This year, one of the hottest trends in the event industry is personalising the event especially web designer. A survey performed for Events Force found that eighty-two percent of senior event planners believed that in 2016, personalising the event experience should be the top priority.

Many an event is a flop when a one-size-fits-all approach is taken. Unless your crowd are all in the same industry such as SEO companies in surrey, the kind that has lots of employees who regularly meet up for poker or golf, delivering a satisfying event for a large group of eclectic people can be quite difficult.

A great way to personalise an event, prior to, during and even after the events is to begin capturing data which will be able to offer a more targeted experience. The data may begin at a quite basic level such as with personal information; names, email addresses etc. There are however quite a few opportunities during the run-up to the event as well as during the event itself in which more data can be collected, this can bring about an even more personalised event.

Here are three ideas that should be taken into consideration by event planners:

Three Ways To Personalise The Event

1. The Registration Process

A registration process which is lengthy and with quite a lot of fields to be filled in may result in those considering attending to change their minds about registering, this is especially true if the information being required seems intrusive or time-consuming. This is, however, a great opportunity to separate your email lists as well as acquire further information on the representatives attending.

Attendees are more likely to complete a more basic registration form with only a few added details. It is important to include not only the basics, such as name, company name, email address etc, but also find some key questions that will help to make communications more refined.

Perhaps it can be what are they operate in? How large is their company? What role in the business is their responsibility? If the representatives can register for specific workshops, talks and seminars taking place at your event, this is another great way to make their experience more personalised.

You will be able to provide more personalised content into the representative’s inboxes simply by having inquired about a few more details. If for example, you know what role they play within a company, you are able to suggest talks which are relevant to their sector. By having the information about their sessions, during the actual event, reminders can be sent to keep them on the right track.

2. Social

There are quite a few tools available which can help to add social media to an event making it even more personal. A basic plugin which demonstrates the social media contacts which have registered for your event can help to further engage the representatives. If they are aware that a certain individual is attending the event, they may see it as an excellent opportunity to schedule a meeting, this makes the event even more important for both guests.

Another option to consider is using a social login. This provides a quicker login process, also known as the registration process which is beneficial for both the event organiser and the representative. By using the social login, permission based data such as location, email ID, preferences, place of work, interests etc can be easily pulled by the event organiser.

Attendees are also able to get way more out of an event with the use of social apps. Representatives are able to use them to inform other people attending that they are at your event. They can also easily reach out to important individuals such as potential partners or the speakers themselves.

Tracking the interactions and movements of your attendees during the event can be quite useful, this would be with the purpose of offering them content which is more personalised. On a more basic level, this could include that when they enter a certain area in the event, a wristband is swiped, this could be for example the theatre where a certain event is taking place. being aware that a representative did not arrive at the event but they did attend the seminar which they had signed up for is information that can help your further your more personalised communications.

You can also include tactics such as gamification, this is where prizes and privileges are offered when representatives attend a particular keynote speech or visit a certain stand and get their wristband swiped.

There are many ways in which an event app can be further personalised, they can be tailored to fit the needs of exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, attendees and of course VIPs. This guarantees that the most relevant information for each individual is easy for them to access, this also allows for the event organiser to provide content which is personalised during the entire event.

The personalised event experience is not over simply when the representatives head home. Due to all the helpful data being provided, the opportunities to further engage representatives are endless. One of the bonuses of obtaining this data is that the communications, as well as interactions, can be highly personalised by the event organisers, this will provide overall better end results.

On top of that, if your event is regularly featured in your event calendar, the more opportunities you have to in the future tailor your event for the needs of each individual.

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