Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Stay Aware with Scope and Offer of Amazon Prime Membership and Sellers

Amazon has shown its rapid growth as an online shopping site or marketplace during the last few years. This makes it one of the highly trustworthy marketplaces of the country. It has offered Indian sellers with an effective and excellent platform for many small business organizations to grow and helped a lot to gain good reputation and strong position based on top quality of customer service. One such attempt associated with better or improved customer experience is available in the form of Amazon Prime. Indeed, if you are looking for selling on Amazon for beginners options, you should definitely stay aware about what exactly the Amazon Prime membership will offer to you.

  • Customers of Amazon in more than 100 cities unlimited free single day or two days delivery option of lakhs for variable products.
  • Amazon Prime gives discounted pricing on same day, scheduled and morning delivery on most of the items selling across 20 or more than 20 different cities.
  • The feature provides an early access to a large number of lightning deals, including the exclusive ones for Prime members on various popular products.

Based on the benefits of Amazon Prime, as revealed by Ecom Income Blueprint experts, customers countrywide are signing up to be Prime members and search for Prime eligible products. Hence, if you are an Amazon seller and succeed to make your product offers Prime eligible, you will get relatively higher scope to sell your products in relatively less time as possible.

If you want to be an Amazon Prime seller, you only have to register for FBA, as it eliminates any requirement of filling forms or payment of any joining fee. Only with your FBA selection, you become a Amazon Prime seller automatically by stocking up on the product offers in any Amazon Fulfillment Center.

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