Thursday 16 July 2020
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Short Sell or Long Hold: The Art of Selling a Business

There is a little-known science when it comes to selling a business or even buying an existing business. This science has been developed in a very rare art form. Without such knowledge, you are in danger of making a critical mistake in this day and age of “buy low and sell high”. Allow me to introduce you to the art of selling a business. 

When it comes to selling a business, there must be a system of valuation in place. This system will give you a clear value of the business and a starting point for which to do negotiations. without such knowledge, there is a chance to be fleeced by a stealthy buyer. Aside from valuation, there must be an accurate analysis of the equipment in the business itself (if such exist). The value of a business is very important and to leave that process up to the buyer is very dangerous. On the other side of the coin, as the buyer of a business, there must be an independent appraisal at hand due to many sellers having deceptive valuation methods. has some interesting insights relating to selling a business by stating that there are buyers everywhere and anywhere. It is noted that buyers are not just in a cozy office with briefcases and coffee mugs. Such knowledge allows the seller to look for potential sales in places that before were overlooked. 

With the method of valuation in place comes brokerage. Finding a good reputable broker with a track record of success can be a rather interesting mission. In today’s world of brokerage, statistics can be spun from virtually anywhere and institutions can be made from scratch. But thanks to Wikipedia we have some accurate methods on finding reputable brokers. According to Wikipediaa business broker is also known as a transaction broker who acts as an agent for neither party but rather as a transaction facilitator to ensure trust during the transaction at hand. The search for a broker with such knowledge at hand will land some of the finest brokers we have. From some of nations finest business brokers Minneapolis MN to the magnificent brokers out in Beverly Hills, California. There is greatness to be found with due diligence as your compass. 

The art of selling a business has never been an easy task for one to take on. This is the primary reason that armed with preparation, a good broker, and a team of evaluators that have your best interests at heart, the process of selling a business is that much easier for you. Whether you are buying or selling a business, it’s good to have your ducks lined up beforehand. Preparation is key. 

In short, the art of selling or buying a business is very meticulous and not to be overlooked if you have the goal of making a profit. Short selling can be profitable as well as buying a business can be a steal for you. The key is knowing this art.

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