Thursday 16 July 2020
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How to Write a Thank You Note As A Reward To Your Contributors

A ‘thank you’ note is a perfect way to thank a contributor to your crowdfunding project. In fact, it is quite the convention, and a good one. Some sites generate automated thank you notes once a contribution is made. But we would suggest that you always send a personally written thank you note to the contributor. Thank you notes are so much of a convention that not sending one might make the contributor suspicious.

So how do you write the perfectly rewarding thank you note for a contributor to your fundraising India campaign? Well, to begin with, remember that the note should not sound automated. This means that you should put in the name of the contributor if you know it. Once you have done that, proceed to update the contributor about the status of your campaign and whether the goal has been accomplished or not. If it is a medical crowdfunding scenario, remember to always update the contributor about the physical condition and current treatment of the ill person.

Let’s take an NGO crowdfunding scenario now. If it is a scenario which involves, teaching, rescuing or giving children better lives, always supply the contributor with the numbers. If you have saved ten children from trafficking, write that down. Where are these children? In a home? Up for adoption? Returned to their parents? Keep the contributor in the loop. This keeps the contributor involved in the crowdfunding process and creates good crowdfunding culture, i.e. they will feel emotionally fulfilled and want to work for fundraising India again.

This brings us to our next point. Always call the person who gives you money “contributor” and not “donor”. “Donor” implies that you are not giving anything in return. But you are. You are providing the person with a kind of emotional fulfillment which has value. Remember this. This person is getting to witness the growth of children first hand. If you want to, maybe even ask them for further suggestions. But that is your choice.

Here is another situation that can happen. You are thanking your contributor but you are yet to reach the target. This is when you tell your contributor that you have done such and such things with the money you received. If you have not received money yet, tell them about your previous work. Once you have done that, ask them to share your campaign with others.

Remember to explain how important this campaign is. It doesn’t matter if your language is not perfect. You are not writing an appeal where you need to be clear about facts. You are writing something heartfelt. You can even end with a quote you like. When you are crowdfunding from a crowdfunding platform, remember to post regular updates about your work on the platform.

Part of the reason the thank you note has become so standard in crowdfunding culture is because it helps build a strong crowdfunding community. It smoothens the networking process and helps you get more contributors. Therefore, instead of getting intimidated by this convention, you should embrace this and adopt this to fundraising India.

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