Wednesday 8 July 2020
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How to Implement Local SEO for Pearl Jewelry Store?

SEO world is consistently evolving but is still the main source of generating customers for your offline or online pearl jewelry shop. Jewelry niche is competitive and if you have a local store then make sure that you don’t miss the local customers from the web. You must have heard of local SEO but are still unaware about its significance.

Local SEO promotes your jewelry business visibility on searches that are based on location. It ensures that your business is visible in front of searchers looking for your locality. Searches are with specific geo qualifiers like state, city, zip code, and near me searches. The bots pick the geo-location of searchers and offer search results of that area.

Significance of local SEO

  • 95% local searches are from Smartphones
  • 70% click to call directly from the Google search results
  • 59% visit the local stores

These statistics tells how location-based searches are significant and these percentages will just keep growing. As these searches are for specifically for your jewelry business, it can be safely assumed that they are qualified leads with high conversion rates. Visit here to learn how to implement local SEO professionally.

How to implement local SEO for jewelry website?

On-page optimization

NAP integration

NAP means ‘Name, Address & Phone’, which allows local customers to find you easily. Use NAP correctly. It has to be positioned in such a way that the crawlers and even visitors can notice it.

  • Add NAP text at the website’s footer. Avoid adding NAP as image because they are not crawlable.
  • Use domain email and not your business email.
  • Your business phone needs to use the local area code and not 800 numbers in the start.

Add Google My Business

For enhancing your local SEO add your jewelry store NAP on Google My Business listings. Searchers will be able to see your brick and mortar store on a map. People will be able to see the NAP as well as follow the listings, so ensure to describe your store uniquely in 250 – 400 words to create a solid and precise brand impression. It needs to be engaging; so that customers click your phone number otherwise you can lose a potential loyal customer.

Add location-based keywords like ‘Jewelry Store Kent’ embed a Google map with your address and take advantage of top local directories.

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