Thursday 16 July 2020
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How to Choose the Right Customs Agent for Your Business?

Customs agents help your business plan and execute the importation and exportation into and from different countries as per the requirements of your business. Almost all kinds of businesses require some kind of import/export and that is where a customs agent comes into play. You don’t necessarily need to learn all the rules and regulations of import/export of a country as your customs agent would take care of that for you. But, it is important to choose the right customs agent. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right customs agent for your business:

  1. Choose Separate Customs Agents for Each Country You Need to Import/Export- Customs agents do claim to know the rules and regulations of all countries, but it is important to understand that they actually can’t keep track of a lot of countries. It is better to go with specific customs agents for each country. For example, if you are going for Canada, Clearit customs consulting could be your choice of customs agent.
  2. Read Reviews Online- Another important step is research. You shouldn’t just choose the first customs agent you find. You should do your due diligence by going online and checking out the various reviews of that particular customs agent. Sometimes, these reviews are sponsored, but you can easily spot the real ones and base your decision on them.
  3. Analyze Your Need and Pick Accordingly- Not all customs agents deal with each and every type of import mode. Customs agents have their specific niches as well. Some deal with cars and other vehicles, while others deal with electronics and various other things. There are many niches, so go with a customs agent in your niche. You can also go for a multi-niche expert customs agent, but remember to check whether they handle your niche.
  4. Choose Only Experienced Customs Agent – Experienced customs agents know how to handle unplanned situations. They would know what to do if something is out of order or doesn’t follow rules to the letter. Sometimes, that is a much needed trait in a customs agent because you could lose a lot of money due to human error and an experienced customs agent might save that money by getting ahead of the situation.

Use these simple tips and tricks and choose the right customs agent for your business and never lose precious cargo just because you forgot some paperwork.

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