Wednesday 8 July 2020
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How the Cloud can help with your HR

In business, the management of the Human Resources (HR) department is always a challenging one. There is much work to cover and often this can lead to deadlines being missed, annual leave granted when it really should not have been, vital reports to departmental heads being delivered late and expenses to staff not being paid out at the right time.

However, there is a way in which the complex operations of the HR system can be used efficiently and accurately. This will leave hardly no room for errors and work in a dynamic, comprehensive and powerful way.

Introducing Work Place One on the Cloud

Work Place One is a management system for company HR departments. It is fully integrated to work on mobiles, smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs alike. All that is required is an internet connection or Wi-Fi hotspot and the environment is yours to do what you will with it. Moreover, Work Place One is available 24 hours a day – every day.

It is a self-servicing environment for managers and the employees to access at their convenience. Its functions work automatically, helping you to streamline your day, table expenses, request annual leave, record sickness and act as a smart member of the HR team. It will really feel as though you have a dynamic new additional staff member joining the HR department.

The robust piece of software that will soon be running your HR department is accessible anywhere (providing an internet connection is present) and there is no need for an App to be used as the entire system is compatible with all tablets, desktop PCs, and phablets for a genuine user-friendly and intuitive experience.

The sign on and sign in processes can be adapted to suit the company’s individual policies but it is the use of The Cloud that makes Work Place One so impressive.

How Does the Cloud Actually Help?

The Cloud – or more accurately “cloud computing” – is a metaphor for the internet. You will often see a cloud symbol used repeatedly on diagrams as an indicator of the internet.

So when you access Work Place One, you are effectively going onto the internet. However, there is a stark difference to what all internet users can access and the authority to go online at the Work Place One system. This is because you have control over authorised administrators.

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