Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Corporate Hospitality Benefits

  • Strengthens business relationships.
  • Offers one-to-one attention.
  • Creates loyalty.
  • Inspires positivity.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Shared experiences and memories.
  • Maximises receptivity to ideas.
  • Initiate new business relationships.

Corporate hospitality may be used to reward staff but primarily it is valued as a marketing tool.

At the Rugby World Cup in 2015, 80% of business managers felt that it was beneficial. Some people view it as vital.

Sports hospitality is hugely popular. As a form of corporate hospitality it provides thrilling memories that sitting behind a desk in an office simply can’t deliver.

A London show or concert can offer an environment which is far more exciting than the normal business setting. From the atmosphere to the facilities to the dining experience, sports and corporate hospitality are having a make or break impact on the prosperity of businesses.

Whatever your goal, whether it’s to increase brand awareness, win a contract, strengthen business relationships, effect an introduction to someone or to say thank you for substantial custom, corporate and sports hospitality packages tick every box on the “I wish…” list so that your business contact will be more amenable to your suggestions.

Event management firms like the London based DTB Sports and Events have seen a plethora of deals made during a match or show corporate hospitality experience.

Event management London specialists also understand that a break from the office is a welcome one for many.

It’s a chance to dispense with the pressures of the day and enjoy a little luxury in a premiership stadium, arena or theatre box. Even with the best décor there is always time to leave those four walls and the PC behind.

As the host, you are creating positivity from the moment you invite them to the end of the experience and in to their next work day. There’s a high probability that they’ll reciprocate and offer you a day out.

Which would you prefer if you were being asked to invest in a venture?

  • A meeting in a boardroom, tea and coffee, biscuits and maybe a lunch before heading back to spreadsheets in your office. You’ll e-mail the host later with your decision.
  • The best ticket available to see a sports event you’re interested in. Sports hospitality benefits including a champagne reception, complimentary bar, four course meal, private sports hospitality spaces and the opportunity to meet a sporting legend. Informal business chat throughout.

The personal touch is as necessary today as it was in the age before computers, e-mails, webcams and online chat facilities. Being somewhere with someone makes memories. That’s loyalty building, business enhancing and lodge your name in the contact’s mind memories.

Don’t fall behind competitors and become the business service or product provider who could have done more to win a contract or form a strong tie with a client. Any fee that you pay for corporate or sports hospitality offers an enviable return on investment. You may even make new contacts as you network at an event.

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