Thursday 9 July 2020
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A Look At An HGV Cab

The chances are you probably never actually seen what the inside of an HGV cab looks like. Sure, it may sound exciting, but men and women spend a whole lot of time living in these metal boxes. With that said, we have decided to provide you with a virtual tour of an HGV cab and we will provide you with info about what’s in there and why it’s in there with CPC driver training.

1. The Sleeping Compartment

This is the largest area of the cab and drivers often travel a long distance and they are required to take rests in intervals. This means they have to pull their vehicles over and sleep, but instead of having to spend a lot of money on hotels, HGV companies equip vehicles with a sleeping compartment. This is one of the reasons why HGV cabs have a long and bulky look to them.

They have to be large enough to fit a grown adult both in a laying down position and a standing up position. The compartments aren’t luxurious and the only thing they usually contain is a bed. Some compartments may be equipped with a very small fridge, but other than that there’s nothing fancy about them.

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2. Tools For Driving

The driver must be accommodated when they drive the HGV, and this means the cab is equipped with driver tools that are larger than what you’d find with standard cars. For example, both the wheel and steering column are large and the space between the seats and the steering wheel is larger. Seats must be big enough to fit at least three people and there are extra instruments on the dashboard.

These instruments include a tachograph and a Sat Nav, which provides them with guidance. An HGV has more controls too and this is why dashboards are usually taller. This makes it easier for the driver to access the tools.

3. Storage Space

Drivers must take quite a bit of stuff when they are on a journey, and this includes delivery notes, documents that need to be signed, food, drinks and supplies like shovels, blankets and things of that nature. There are a lot of things that can take up space, and HGV designers have taken notice. This is why there is a lot of storage space in an HGV cab.

There is a storage compartment under each seat. This allows the driver to store all of the things they bring with them on their journey. If there wasn’t enough storage space, this would make the journey uncomfortable.

If a person likes to be prepared for anything, then they believe in the expression “lives in their car” and this is especially true for drivers of HGVs, as they tend to literally live in their vehicle while they are on the road. Their HGV contains everything they need in order to make their journey, and this includes sleeping quarters and various ways to keep themselves entertained.

Some drivers bring equipment such as portable cookware because this helps them avoid eating at restaurants and they don’t have to leave their trucks unless they have to go to the bathroom or if they need to stretch. As a result, most HGV cabs resemble a small flat or small studio apartment, but with everything squeezed into a single tiny space.

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