Thursday 16 July 2020
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3 ways Human Appeal is helping rebuild lives in Gaza

Life for the 1.8 million residents of the Gaza Strip is tough. From frequent power cuts to a shortage of clean water and a lack of employment opportunities, these people have been enduring extremely difficult conditions for many years. A third of the population are living with serious disabilities and, compounding this problem, many people struggle to access adequate healthcare.

One organisation that is working hard to help people in Gaza is Human Appeal UK. The organisation, which used to be known as Human Appeal International, is running a number of projects designed to alleviate suffering and bring people greater hope for the future. Here, we take a look at three of the ways it is helping to rebuild lives in Gaza.

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  1. Increasing access to clean water

It is estimated that 94 per cent of water from the only aquifer in Gaza is not fit for people to drink, and this is having serious implications in terms of people’s health. Contagions found in the supply are causing disease and increasing rates of health problems such as osteoporosis and renal failure. Many families are spending up to a third of their incomes on water that they buy from unregulated vendors. Sadly, much of this is also contaminated.

Determined to address this issue, Human Appeal has provided clean water for more than 200,000 schoolchildren. It is also building a water desalination plant on the coastline that will give more than 600,000 people access to safe water.

  1. Supporting healthcare services

The charity has also provided crucial supplies to the Al-Shifa Hospital to help it continue treating patients. It has delivered many tonnes of essential medicines and other provisions and it has installed an air conditioning system at the healthcare centre. It has also delivered 20 beds for the accident and emergency department and given fuel to help keep the hospital’s generators working. Personnel from the charity are also working in the hospital to support the staff.

  1. Delivering food parcels and hygiene packs

Human Appeal has distributed thousands of food parcels to refugee families in Gaza, as well as hygiene packs, blankets and other vital supplies. This has helped some of the most vulnerable people in the territory to survive and look after their families during extremely difficult times. The charity has also given small sums of financial aid to a number of the most desperate families to help them to buy essentials.

If you want to help the charity continue to provide this life-saving assistance in Gaza, you could donate to its appeals or get involved in Human Appeal events to raise money.



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